Technology Experts for Patent Litigation and Inter Partes Review

DRMTES provides a knowledge-driven, patent expert witness recommendation service that is fast and reliable. Our clients are provided with straightforward, actionable choices of subject matter testifying experts based on price and performance.

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Why should you join the DRMTES expert network?

Targeted Exposure

Our system will match patents and cases to you as they become available and based on your expertise.

No Cost

Experts do not pay for our basic matching services.

No Obligation

We will send you candidate cases as they are identified as potential matches, and you let us know if you would like to be considered by the client.

Why should you choose our expert services for your case?


Fast Response​

We will have expert selection(s) that match your case in less than 5 business days.

Quality Experts

Qualified & certified experts from all over the nation all in one place. Experts with BA, MS, PhD, JD, and more –just tell us what you need.​

Unique Proprietary Platform

Our data-driven network of 1,000+ active experts is studied carefully with the compatibility of your individual needs to find the match for your case.

What We Consider


Experts have different price ranges when it comes to their work. Everyone has a different budget. If price is an important factor for you, we will find you the most applicable and available expert in your price range of preference.


The right expert comes with knowledge of the topic of discussion, but they are not always experienced in the field. If experience is relevant for you, we will pair you with the experienced expert you are searching for.


Ideally, the expert you look for has had a good performance in the win/loss scenario. Is the High Performance trait important to you? We’ll find you the successful expert you need for your case.


Anything you need your expert to be. Do they need a certain degree in the field? Do they need to be Juris Doctors? Would it be better if they lived close to you? Let us know.